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The old saying, "where the rubber meets the road" has taken on a whole new meaning.  Function and performance should never neglect design and style.  Our artisans carefully craft and reinvent the visuals of the tire to match the ferocity of your car and your driving attitude.  You new have complete control over every design and performance aspect of your car.
We are FORUMLATIRECO: We Reinvented the Wheel
For years, automotive tire manufacturers have opined about enhancing the visual aspects of the tire.  Aesthetics are hard to come by using a rubber substrate; we've found a solution to offer drivers the performance of popular off-track tire brands with the visuals of track-ready tires only available in slick or racing circuits.
The years of research and development into elastomers, rubber vulcanization and derivative vulcanization, complex adhesive solutions, and resins, offers a solution to the automotive industry through our research arm: FORMULA(RED)